At New Continuum, we believe that an open and honest relationship is critical to our success as a mission critical vendor.  Accordingly, we have implemented direct, clear and consistent reporting lines and a open dialogue with our customer base.  The principles of openness and honesty are in our DNA, and indeed through our experiences these principles have been branded with fire.  It hasn’t come easy, but our customers have appreciated our disclosures and have measured our performance to our word.  And, when we have proven with action and consistency that we have done as we said we would, our customers reward us with their continued business and growth.

Our story is a bit different at New Continuum.  We started in the business with a world class data center with power and cooling resources on par with any enterprise grade data center facility worldwide.  What we lacked was a team and a network service level commensurate with the building itself.  We know that in life the only way to achieve consistent, repeatable results is by committing oneself to fully understanding the task at hand, developing a strategy and executing it.  When you pair this approach with unparalleled transparency, you would be surprised at how receptive people will be.  We did the research, invested in professional/expert advice, and built a brand new, state of the art network, and we were totally transparent in the process.  It was excruciatingly painful to have customers stranded on a “lemon” network that was prone to inconsistent behavior while our brand new switches and routers were “in the mail.”  Ultimately, after many sleepless nights and countless soul-baring customer communiqués we resolved and fine-tuned the network, and things became quiet.  Quiet, but we remain vigilant and highly transparent.

It has been in this quiet that we have been rewarded by the growth of our customers.  These customers read our emails describing our difficult predicament as new owners and managers, and our commitment to making things right.  These customers watched as we invested in new people and new equipment and enacted new policies and procedures.  Ultimately, these customers judged us on our word and whether or not we delivered.  And, these customers have grown.  I strongly believe that it is only because we were so open and honest that we were able to deliver on our promise to our customers to have a service level and team commensurate with our facility.