High Density Colocation

With consumer and corporate behavior increasingly relying on digital infrastructure, the requirements for network latency have increased. In order to facilitate efficient routing for low latency applications, New Continuum has partnered with United IX to deliver Edge services.

By connecting to United IX from New Continuum’s High-Density Data Centers, customers can readily interconnect with over 41 partner networks across 4 separate data centers. A single powerful connection to United IX from New Continuum, can eliminate the costs associated with dozens of cross connects, risers, and metro transport connections.


The advent of Blockchain technology in recent years has spawned the growth of both cryptocurrencies and enterprise blockchain applications. As the broader blockchain industry matures, New Continuum has developed a unique expertise in serving the needs of the enterprise blockchain customer.

By offering unique and low resiliency power configurations and being flexible with cooling design, New Continuum offers customized high density colocation for blockchain customers. Additionally, by leveraging New Continuum’s Edge network capabilities blockchain applications run more efficiently in a secure environment.

Big Data

The applications benefiting from the use of Big Data have become increasingly pervasive. From basic consumer behavior studies to advanced healthcare and scientific applications, almost every industry today is leveraging data analytics.

The processing of extremely large data sets in an efficient manner requires high performance computing and a high density data center to support it. New Continuum’s flexible infrastructure is designed to support the highest density workloads across high performance computing applications.